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Blogger Ambush

The Reading Indie Blog is hosting this Linky list of all participating bloggers simply for ease of use. Any blogger may add to the list at any time (up to 25), so please tell all your blogging friends. Please do not sign up with more than one blog.

One blogger a week, chosen at random, will be ambushed with comments and praises on their most recent blog post… There is no need for the chosen blogger to come up with a special post. They won’t even know until the day-of that they are being ambushed.

An email message will be sent out to all participants announcing who will be ambushed. Please add ReadingIndieByAPC @ to your contact list.

All members will visit that blog the next day (some time that week at least) and leave a comment on that blog consisting of or preferably including the phrase, “You’ve been Ambushed.” We will not be hopping around like a traditional blog hop, simply visiting one blog a week. Post shares would also be appreciated (#BloggerAmbush), but are not required. Please do not link back to your own blog unless that blogger asks you to or has a system in place to do so.

Reading Indie will share the ambushed bloggers post on all our social media outlets. We’ll link back to that post on our blog’s landing page for one week.

The blogger being ambushed will later receive a button they can post and link back to their Ambushed post. Ambushed bloggers are encouraged to update their post with the Blogger Ambush Blitz button and link back to the list, but it is in no way required.
This is an example. Each one will have the correct month listed.
Once a month, the Reading Indie blog will spotlight and link back to the previous month’s ambushes. We’ll send out an email reminder for this post and hope that Ambush participants will stop by and leave a comment and or share it (#BloggerAmbush), but it’s not a requirement to participate, simply a show of support to the hosting blog.

If you miss an ambush or two here and there no big deal, but three misses gets you banned from the blitz. This is about being part of a supportive community, not taking advantage of those willing to offer you support, so please “Pay it Forward” and be patient; your turn will come.

Once a blogger has been ‘ambushed’ they will not be ‘ambushed’ again until all other participants have had a chance to be so. Until this group reaches 25 participants, this Linky will simply cycle through again after everyone has been Ambushed. An email will be sent out giving participants a chance to change blog links, if they choose to. With up to 25 participants allowed at a time, the Ambush should cycle through at least twice a year (currently more). Please do not sign up with more than one blog. If you have more than one blog, sign up with a different blog each time a new Linky list is set up.

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